The co-owners of Brightful Day Spa combined have over thirty years experience in the field of wellness, therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Like most of our fellow New Yorkers, we are very much aware of the recent focus on healthy living. The evidence of this health conscious lifestyle is all around us. There are more yoga studios, juice bars, and health clubs than ever before. 

Massage is an essential part of this healthy lifestyle. There was a time when getting a massage may have been considered a luxury. But with all of the studies documenting the considerable benefits of regular bodywork more and more people are now choosing to make regular massage part of their health regimen.

At Brightful Day Spa we believe that high quality, yet affordable bodywork should be available to all those who choose to make their health and well-being a priority. While we all would enjoy an afternoon at some glitzy spa, most of us are not able to wait weeks for an appointment and then spend hundreds of dollars on a session. And yet the alternatives to these fancy spas are not always so appealing. 

Brightful Day Spa is the alternative. We offer our clientele a serene environment, relaxing music, and a staff known for both their warmth and their therapeutic skills. Come and enjoy a clean and modern space where you can escape the rigors of New York City and recharge and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

240 e. 56th street, suite 2w, new york, ny 10022             646.649.3977